Marlon Davidson and Don Knudson are Minnesotans who have lived on Ramsey Hill  in St. Paul and on Hand Lake in the central part of the state.* For the last twenty-three years, they have resided in Bemidji where they have been a part of that community’s art life and culture.  They currently operate Donmar Studio and produce collaborations of wood and collage, but they each have an individual history of production as well. Don is a wood sculptor and furniture maker and Marlon as a painter and collage artist. Both artists have exhibited widely and have works in private and public collections regionally, nationally and internationally. They sell their work from the studio and anyone interested in purchasing may contact them at:   davidson@paulbunyan.net

*The Hand Lake experience has been recorded in Marlon’s memoir “The Pig Barn” published by Loonfeather Press and available at the above email address. This little book has become a collector’s item and has been sold at much higher prices.  So, if interested,  send $10 in check and a copy will be put in the mail.


The collaborations are in public spaces and in private homes. They vary in size from a few inches to several feet in width and height. The artists have been working collaboratively for decades after long careers producing their own work while they were living in the Twin Cities. During that period of time Marlon was a public school teacher and during the last ten years of his teaching career, was an instructor in the Visual Arts Department at Bemidji State University.* Don’s working career has been devoted to wood sculpture and hand made furniture. He has also been a journeyman window display artist, a map maker, a carpenter and with Marlon, he owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast, “Meadowgrove,” near Bemidji. Their relationship, both as artists and as life partners, spans fifty-two years.

*Marlon has produced fiction and poetry for a number of years and his recent novel,“Hester’s Gift,” published by Oval Stones Press, is available at this address. It is a mystery, a work of the supernatural and a love story. Marlon calls it “a fantasy for adults.” Send a check for $10 to the Donmar Studio address and a copy will be mailed to you immediately.

The content of these collaborations results from the artists’ love of nature and their dedication to the progress of art in the Twentieth Century. Both artists feel that their work contains elements of the natural world and that of urban life and symbolism. Their challenge to make those two contrasting elements come together in a harmonious and appealing combination, works that are suitable for contemporary homes and for public places.


wood and collage   40×42 inches.

NC Hospital Collection

The following are two collaborations that are currently available on a “first come, first served” basis. Donmar Studio will deliver within a hundred mile radius of Bemidji.  Shipping is expensive but it is a possibility with smaller works. Contact and arrangements are made through email and all sales are final. The artists may also be called at 218-751-9654.

“SPRING THAW” collaboration

60 inches width mixed media 2010

$1250 plus Minnesota State Tax

“Unitarian Windows”  collaboration

wood and collage  40 inches width    2009

$800 plus Minnesota State Tax

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